How To Create An Account and Post A Sighting or EcoAction (written instructions)

To create an account and then post a Sighting (Fossil Fuel Age or EcoEnlightened Age) or EcoAction Follow the below instructions, or watch the above video. 

  1. Visit (If you are viewing this on the site then great your on your way)
    1. View the 4 minute video and then click around the website to get a feel for it (it is fairly simple site)
  2. Look to the upper left hand corner of the page and click on the “join” button
  3. Fill out the questions. (the only info others can see is your username, first name, - address, birthday etc. are never shown)
    1. Hit “create account” when done
  4. Look for an email confirming your registration (we have to do this to protect from spammers etc.)
  5. Click on the line in the email. (it might take a day or so to get the email)
    1. When you click on the link you are sent to the “my account” page with the “edit” tab selected. Here you should add a password and fill out any info you would like
    2. Once done you will know you are logged in because in the upper left corner your will see “log out” but no “login” option.
  6. Now that you have joined and are logged in, you can post away.
    1. The first step in making a post is to take a picture of your Fossil Fuel Age Sighting, EcoEnlightened Age Sighting, or EcoAction. (i.e. a picture of your EcoEating dish or drink)
    2. Next transfer your picture to your computer so you’re set to load it up to the site.
    3. Now it’s time to go to the site and log in if you haven’t then select the “post” button in the main navigation bar and follow the instructions.
    4. After select the type of post you are going to make you will be taken to a form to fill out for your post.
    5. When finished don’t forget to select a competition (if applicable…ie. EcoEating). AND HIT “SAVE”.
    6. After you hit save view your post. Then copy the link in your link address bar and email or tweet it or post it to Facebook for your friends to see.
    7. Please note, posting can be fun and a bit addictive. It can also quite therapeutic! J