What is EcoEating? And why it's Important?

So just what is “EcoEating”? Great question. One of the goals of the EcoEating competition is to learn just how you and others define EcoEating (check out the competition, EcoEating). Based on comments we get here as well as what we learn from the competition we will update this post with more handy tips and trick to how to EcoEat. But to get us started take a look at the initial list below. 

Tips to EcoEating.

  1. EcoEating starts at the store. Actually it first starts with skipping the store. Try growing your own or going to a local farmers market. However, practically speaking we will all end up at the store. When you do shop with an EcoEnlightened mindset. Reduce packaging, especially Styrofoam and plastic (and yes this starts with going back out to your car to get your reusable shopping bags!). This also means no plastic bottles (just filter your tap water, in most cases it’s the same thing!). Shop at stores and buy products from companies that have an EcoEnlightened mindset themselves i.e. that give a damn!
  2. Meat. Eat less of it. When you do, look for local, organic meats that are pasture raised and not from animals fed growth producing antibiotics or hormones. Yeah this cost a lot more…but that’s another good reason to join the rest of the world and eat less of it.
  3. Seafood. When it comes to seafood having an EcoEnlightened mindset is critical. First look for US fish that have the Marine Stewardship Council insignia on the label. They are working on enforcing sustainable fishing practices.  But also know and stay away from fish that are endangered of being overfished. This may mean trying something new that might just become your new favorite.
  4. Dairy: See meat – eat less, go local, go organic, go hormone free.
  5. Produce: The bottom line - Grow it or go local and eat more. Also go organic, eat in season (helps you to stay local) eat it raw and have some fun learning how to preserve your locally sourced produce. Finally getting your produce is a wonderful way to help support your local farm by joining a CSA (community supported agriculture). And don’t stop there, make this the cool EcoEnlightened thing to do and encourage your neighbors to join you!

So, yeah, in terms of coming up with a recipe there is a whole lot of options out there. When posting your EcoEating recipe to the EcoEating Competition, keep in mind we are not just looking for the recipe we are also looking for why you feel it qualifies as an EcoEats. Got a tip or trick on how to eat in a more EcoEnlightened way? Please add a comment to this post! 

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