One Week of my families SUP

So I collected our single use plastic for a full week. As I look at our pile of SUP I think it is actually really small. However, this is no doubt because it was just my Dad and I at home this week. It would likely be 5 times this size if my sister an brother were also here. Also we just finished a gallon of milk before I started and now the one in the fridge is just about done. We already try to reduce our use of SUP. For example we never use plastic water bottles and we mostly drink filtered tap water out of a glass which is just as good as bottled water.

Collecting our SUP was actually kind of fun especially as you realize things that you would not think of as SUP are indeed SUP. For example toothpaste tubes. At first I thought because toothpaste last awhile its tubes are used over and over again but then I thought, could I refill one? The answer is no, not really. Still I have a hard time thinking of what else could be used in place of SUP for toothpast. My Dad said they used to be made of aluminum so maybe SUP is better for the environment than that. I'm not sure. Perhaps the solution is for a toothpast manufacturer to offer toothpast that you can poor into your own container like you would soft serve ice cream. In fact, they might sell it at ice cream places so you are all set to brush after you eat your ice cream. Or maybe not. But certainly CVS or other drug stores could offer toothpast like out of a dispenser. 

As for the biggest thing I think we could do to reduce our use of SUP, I say we could think about making our own yogurt. We tend to eat a lot of it and it always comes in SUP containers. Also we don't eat any red meet but we do eat quite a bit of chicken which always comes in a styofoam tray wrapped in plastic wrap and it includes a plastic pad that soaks up the juice (yuck). Perhaps there is another way we could purchase chicken. If anyone has any ideas please post a reply. 

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02/25/2014 - 14:32
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Well you could do what we do. We have own chickens which require not packaging at all! But if that is not an option you might see if the meet dept will wrap your chicken in paper like they used to do in the old days. If not then maybe they could just use plastic wrap this would at least get ride of the styofoam.
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