• Vegi Dressing in Food Processor
  • This time I thickened the dressing up by adding more cashews and then warmed it up and used it for a dip - hmmm.

Warm Vegi Dressing (Cashew or Almonds)

10 TBSP Olive Oil (1/2 cup +)

6 TBSP lemon Juice (1/3 cup or so)

1 tsp salt

1 Cup cashews or Almonds or even tofu (crushed are fine)

3 cloves of garlic

Put it all in the food processor or vitamix and whirl away. spread on your favorite warm vegi. 

Note: this makes a lot. You might want to try to make just 1/2 the recipe. 

Note: You can also add some additional nuts to thicken the dressing up and use it as a dip. I sometime add some Cilantro to the top of the dip for a bit added flavor as well as a nice look. 

This is an EcoEating recipe primarily because it is yummy and when you spread it on vegi's it encourages you to eat more of them! It also has a lot of good protein and oils so it will satify your need and desire for large helpings of meat! 

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