The DentaQuest Foundation understands the critical need to help dawn the EcoEnlightened Age. This age will be an age where we reduce our negative impact on the environment while at the same time start to focuse on what truely makes us happy. Family, community, thoughtfulness, and living long, fulfilling, and healthy lives being core ingredients to achiving happiness. For these reasons the DentaQuest foundation is pleased to support the EcoEating Challenge. EcoEating is healthy eating, and healthy eating leads to both good oral health and happiness!

Established in 2000 with the mission is to improve the oral health of all, the DentaQuest Foundation collaborates with partners across the US to connect key stakeholders, raising awareness, and support community focused iniatives.

We seek to achieve our mission by investing our efforts in four systems — Policy, Funding, Care and Community.

In our vision of success:

  • Populations have better oral health and less disease through greater access to quality care and prevention.
  • Providers (dental and non-dental) and Patients work together to effectively prevent and manage oral disease.
  • Reimbursement (public and private payers) is based on improved outcomes rather than procedures.
  • Private funders achieve greater system and community impact to improve oral health.
  • Policymakers have a clear vision of an optimal health system that includes oral health and have sound data and best practices to make policy and funding decisions.

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