Pantheon is the all-in-one Drupal platform that gives websites smooth scaling from day one. Businesses trust Pantheon to take their mission-critical websites from dev sandboxes to live sites with millions of page views--all without ever changing infrastructures. Developers look to Pantheon for everything they need to build & run solid Drupal websites at the speed of light.

Launching & running a website on Pantheon means you no longer need to:

  • Play launch-day roulette. Your website performs exactly the same live as it did in production.   
  • Secretly dread the moment a website gets 10x the traffic
  • Make risky architectural changes whenever your website needs to scale up
  • Waste costly sysadmin hours setting up dev environments and deployment tools
  • Face IT panic attacks during website deployments
  • Slog through repetitive updates for every new Drupal version (or skip updates altogether)

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