Fossil Fuel Age Sighting

3 Million Gallons Of Brine In Oil Drilling in ND Pipeline Spill

Our addiction to Fossil Fuels is not just causing Climate Change. We are also increasingly seeing the devastation caused by spills and other related disasters. 

Three million gallons of brine. a.k.a fracking wastewater,  a toxic, salty byproduct of oil and natural gas productionspilled from a leaking pipe in North Dakota this past January. State officials say it’s the worst spill of its kind since the fracking began in the state.

Marketplace’s Scott Tong reports yesterday, there could be trouble ahead. He interviews Duke geochemist Avner Vengosh who has sampled frack wastewater and has found that “North Dakota’s is 10 times saltier than the ocean, that endangers aquatic life and trees, and it has ammonium and radioactive elements.”



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