Fossil Fuel Age Sighting

  • Climate Change doesn't even make the list for the most commonly named problems facing America Gallup Poll.

Climate Change Doesn't Even Make The List

Not to say the our government doesn't have significant issues. However, the solution to these issues are both clear and really much more easily solved than the issue of Climate Change (campaign finance reform and term limits being the primary fixes).

The bottom line is that this polll certainly does not bode well for the hope of dawning the EcoEnlightened Age. Instead it shows we Americans don't seem to be able to grasp the issue of Climate Change. Or we don't want to think about it or that it is too complicated or perhaps it is just not the issue of the day anymore, or we feel it is something that doesn't really effect us, or it is an issue for our kids to deal with...sigh.  Still you would think it would make the chart somewhere. Perhaps the climate change wasn't even offered on the list. Again...sigh


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