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  • Gov. Rick Scott, The Fossil Fuel Man

The Fossil Fuel Man Lives and his name is Gov. Rick Scott of Florida

While no one is taking responsibility shortly after Rick Scott was elected as governor of Florida officials were told not to use the terms “climate change”  or “global warming" in any official documents. This according to Florida Center for Investigative Reporting. While the governor's office says, “There’s no policy on this.” four former DEP employees from offices around the states say the order was well known and distributed verbally statewide. 

Former DEP attorney Christopher Byrd said it was clear to him this was more than just semantics.“It’s an indication that the political leadership in the state of Florida is not willing to address these issues and face the music when it comes to the challenges that climate change presents,” Byrd said.

DEP dismissed Byrd in 2013. His termination letter states: “We thank you for your service to the State of Florida; however, we believe the objectives of the office will be accomplished more effectively by removing you from your position.” Byrd, now in private practice as an environmental lawyer in Orlando, said he was fired because he repeatedly complained the DEP was not enforcing laws to protect the environment.

There is more to the story and I suggest you click on the above link to read the rest. Also if it has been awhile since you've read George Orwell's book,1984. Those of us who remember reading 1984 were all likely thinking of the book as we read this rather unbelievable news. Here is a great quote from Orwell that will get you thinking, ""if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought."

You see Byrd had it right when he said the political leadership i.e. Rick Scott, did not want to face the music when it comes to climate change errr, sorry Mr. Scott, I mean, "our critically altering the biosphere due to our relentless spewing of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere". However, it much more than that, it is as George Orwell so nicely put it above, attempting to change the way people think. In this case, Rick Scott's goal is to try to stop people from thinking the weather related issues we are seeing are due to climale change that we humans have created.  Why does Rick Scott want people to stop believing what 98% of all climatologist are telling us? Well you probably guessed it, the reason is politics and more to the point, selfishness. The companies that paid for his election campaigns are the big polluters. 

Actually it more than just politics and selfishness, it also involves his world view. You see if Rick Scott and alike openly agree with the climatologist then they have to face the fact that we have to do something about it. Once this happens they quickly connect the dots and realize the only way to do something about it is to change the way they are living, acting, doing business. This is just not something they are willing to do even though they realize the consequence it is going to have on their kids and grandkids. While this is sad, what makes it even worse is Rick Scott is not taking the time to see all of the benefits that will come from making the changes we need to make to fight climate change.


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