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  • New McDonalds get EcoElightened including electronic car charging station
  • Recycling and Compost bins at McDonalds?

McDonalds get's EcoEnlightened?

When it comes to living in the Fossil Fuel Age perhaps the least of McDonald's issues is their restaurants. My guess is their biggest issue is the massive amount of cows needed to produce their food and the long tail of carbon used to grow their feed (corn), house them, and process them (eww).  There is also storing, transporting and cooking involved as well as all that methane they produce.

So is this just another example of ...well putting lipstick on a cow?

Well, yes and no. Why is this an EcoEnlightened Age sighting? The obvious answer is this McDonalds is more EcoEnlightened than othere restaurants. But much more important it shows the owner of this McDonalds not only gets it but he is trying to do something about it. In addition everytime someone comes into this McDonalds they are going to be reminded that finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment matters. Acts like this and the publicity they generate make it hard for others to keep their head in the sand and say there isn't an issue. Finally, this is makeing being EcoEnlightened cool!

~GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - The new McDonald's in Garfield Heights is now open and one of only a handful of the restaurants in the country that features an array of high-tech systems that make it very environmentally friendly.

"We have applied some of the latest earth-friendly technologies," said owner Bob Jursich, Jr.

Some of the new energy features at the Rockside Road location include:

- A geothermal system using 10, 425-feet deep wells that helps provide heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

- Active tiles on the exterior of the building that break down pollution and help clean the air.

- Two large awnings consisting of 341 solar panels that produce more than 85,000 watts of electrical power.

- A 650-gallon cistern that captures rain water and recycles it back into the landscaping.

- Solar tubes above the customer counter that funnel sunlight into the restaurant.

- State-of-the-art LED lighting for the interior.

- Landscaping that uses plants that are drought resistant and native to the area.

- Seating that was created using recycled plastic Coke bottles.

Many of the systems can be monitored on a large flat screen television by customers as they wait to place their order.

Jursich, who owns several restaurants in the chain, said he wanted this one to be special.

"It's good for the environment, it's good for the bottom line, and maybe someday my daughter will be happy that I did something positive for the planet."

All during the month of May the restaurant will offer special menu pricing.

Last year, McDonald's announced a $1 billion investment to redesign the majority of its 14,000 U.S. restaurants by 2015.

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