Fossil Fuel Man Education Campaign

The Fossil Fuel Man Education Campaign is the ECO’s proposed kickoff campaign. Other initiatives include a speaking tour to include a TED talk and partnering with other environmental organizations to create joint actions.  

The Fossil Fuel Man Education Campaign

  1. 1. Our first step in launching this campaign will be to create an oversized Fossil Fuel Man costume.
  2. 2. Next we will bring it along with a team to environmental events throught the USA and then the world. One person to wear the costume, a second to film, and a third to interview celebrities, political leaders, and activists.
  3. 3. We will ask celebrities, political leaders, and activists to educate the Fossil Fuel Man by answer two questions:
    • - What are you doing to help end the Fossil Fuel Age?
    • - What do you think the EcoEnlightened Age be like?

We want to:

  1. 1. Highlight specific things we can all do to protect the environment.
  2. 2. Show taking action is cool.
  3. 3. Encourage people to envision a positive future.

In conjunction with this campaign, we will be building a new section for the website that will showcase our interviews. This will be a permanent archive for visitors to learn from as well as give recognition and build buzz for those we interview.

This will be an impactful, attention grabbing, buzz building, campaign that will result in significant media coverage. It will also encourage creative right brain thinking that will get people emotionally excited to take action to end our addiction to fossil fuels and dawn the EcoEnlightened Age. To make this happen we need the help of forward thinking individuals, who understand the importance of our mission, and who like to think big! 

To learn more about this and other campaign ideas please contact Jess, Jess at