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EcoActions (choose one or both):

EcoAction (1): Create an EcoEats dish/shake/cocktail that you feel is EcoEnlightened - Organic / low carbon impact / healthy for you and the environment. Post a picture and the recipe of your EcoEats (see below for instructions).

EcoAction (2): Host an EcoEating Potluck Dinner. Invite friends, relatives, and neighbors to an EcoEating Potluck dinner. Guest should bring the EcoEating dish or drink they have entered into the EcoEating competition. Guests can post comments on what they sample on the recipes web page. Hosts are responsible for selecting an EcoEnlightened documentary film (Food Inc, Story of Stuff etc.) to show to guests. EcoEnlightened slide shows, books and other presentations are also encouraged (yes it is a great idea for your next book club meeting). Host post to the EcoEating web page (instructions below) a review of the documentary or other presentation that includes feedback from guests as well as a general accounting of the EcoEating evening.


Mission & Expected Results

Build a collection of delicious EcoEating recipes. 
- Create a list of EcoDocumentaries with critiques.
- Encourage community building as folks meet their neighbors at EcoEating potluck dinners.
- Stimulate EcoEducation through EcoDocumentaries and information found on the EcoEating competition webpage, the EcoEating recipes and the EcoEnlightend website.  
- Inspire us all to start thinking with an EcoEnlightened mindsets. Envision the positive aspects of ending the Fossil Fuel Age and dawning the EcoEnlightened Age! (Learn more by watching the video on the home page.
Just what is EcoEating and why is it so important? Find out here


 Have a recipe to post? 

If you're new to the website, watch this video to learn how to (1) create an account and (2) post an EcoAction (your EcoEating recipe).

If you already know how to create an account and post, then click here to create an account or if you have an account click here to log in. Once logged in, click on the post link on the home page navbar to go to the  "Post" page. Then select "post an EcoAction". At the bottom of the EcoAction post form be sure to select EcoEating for your Competition!



Prizes will be awarded by a drawing for all those that participated. Various prizes may be awarded only to participants that meet specific criteria dictated by the prize sponsor.
There will be a prize(s) for both EcoEating recipe posts and for those that hosted EcoEating Potluck dinners.
Prizes may have a regional focus. i.e. Newburyport’s Mayor Donna Holiday has offered “Dinner with the Mayor” which may be restricted to Newburyport or Greater Newburyport residence.
Prizes may be restricted by a specific ingredient. i.e. Stonyfield Farm may offer a prize for recipes that use their yogurt.

Competition Duration:

April 22, 2015 - ? (TBD)

This Competition is in the works.
 It looks fun and yummy!

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Below will be listed the EcoEating recipes entries as well as the EcoEating Potluck dinner entries which will include the EcoDocumentary reviews.
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Competition Entries

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