The EcoSite Competition is looking for a lead sponsor in order to launch.

 Interested? Contact US.

The mission of the EcoSite Competition is to encourage developers to build websites for EcoEnlightened organizations, organizations working to clean up and protect the environment, stop climate change, EcoEducate etc. In the process we also look to give recognition to participating developers, volunteers, and sponsors as well as promote Open Source solutions that build powerful enduring communities like those built around Drupal and WordPress.

The competition is designed to be a positive, socially responsible, and friendly competition that works to end the Fossil Fuel Age and dawn the Age of EcoEnlightenment! The EcoSite Competition is a Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Charitable Organization Initiative.


  Build a site - Dawn a new Age - Save the World

Take “EcoAction” by building a website for an EcoOrganization. Earn recognition from your kids, your boss, your clients, your peers, and future generations.

  1. - All posts must be submitted by 11:59pm EST TBD
  2. - Competition oversight to be done by the EcoSite Competition Committee.
  3. - The Competition is open to all in the WordPress, Drupal and all other Open Source CMS Communities as well as their friends, families, and neighbors.
  4. - Sites can be built for pay or pro bono, for a community organization, non profit or for profit company. New or remodel. It’s all good, as long as the entity is working to cleanup or protect the environment.
  5. - The site counts - Size doesn’t matter but everything else does.
  6. - A site can only be entered once. Up to 4 people per team.
  7. - Your post and pics count. So be creative. Tell about the organization, the website, and while you’re at it, yourself.
  8. - Earn 5 chances to win for each site built and posted.
  9. - Earn 1 chance to win for posting a site you've previously built - promote the EcoOrganization along with yourself and your company!

If you are interested in helping make the EcoSite Competition a success please let us know! We need help promoting the competition and finding sponsors. If you would like to sponsor the competition we would love to talk, please contact us

And Now The Fun - If the site is built in Drupal, you will be entered into a drawing to win dinner with Dries. Yes, that Dries, Dries Buytaert the founder of Drupal. And not to be out done, if the site is built in WordPress you have a shot at winning dinner with Matt Yes, that Matt, Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress!   Yeah this is very cool and we thank both Dries and Matt for their support. They rock. 

Stay tuned for more prizes and EcoActions!

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(Learn about the Fossil Fuel Age Challenge)

  • Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Website
  • Heroes of the Earth
  • SEED - The Seacoast Energy and Environmental Design Coalition
  • Thanks Dave McKinley for this great pic of the EcoSite Competition Kickoff at the Boston WordCamp


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We would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors for helping make this competition possible! Please support them by learning who they are and what they have to offer. Just click on their names listed below. Then let them know you saw them on this Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition.

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