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Danny's Family SUP (One Week)

Do you think you use more or less SUP then the average person?
Less. We actually already try to reduce our use of SUP as much as possible.

What SUP do you use and rely on the most?
Hmmm, In general plastic food packaging. Two of the most used items are soda bottles and yogurt containers

What SUP would be the hardest to stop using?
I think the ones we use most - soda bottles and yogurt conainers.

How could you and others reduce your dependence on Single Use Plastic?
We found that by far the single biggest and first action we took to reduce our use of SUP was to just start to be aware of it. Once we did that we were able to try to avoid using it. It sort of seems like a simple answer but if you are not thinking about it, it is hard to take steps to reduce it.

Did you discover any SUP that surprised you?
We were certainly surprised at how when you look for it SUP is everywhere and it is often tough to tell if SUP is actually plastic or not. One example is the bags found in cereal boxes. At first it looks a lot like wax paper but it is SUP alright. I then looked for an alternative or way to reduce our use of these and it is a difficult one unless you give up cereal all together. So our best solution I think is to save them for reuse.

One thing we did find was that Cascadian Farms Organic cereal advertises they use a plant-based renewable sources in their cinnamon crunch cereal. I did a bit of research on this bag and decided that this cereal is a perfect example of greenwashing! The bag is only 57 percent certified plant-based material and I'm not sure what certified means. But I am sure that I would not put it in my compost pile with 43 percent not plant-based. Also from what I've seen with plant-based plastic it has to be composted at specific composting facilities otherwise it takes as long to break down as regurlar plastic. I am not sure what they do to it at these composting facilities but my bet is it uses a lot of fossil fuel's to process it. One other thing is Cascadian Farms Organic sound healthy and all but they are owned by General Mills and their Cinnamon Crunch Cereal is exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I mean I placed both side by side and could not tell the difference in terms of look or tast!

General thoughts
I thought this was a very interesting thing to do as well as kind of fun. It also certainly helped me to become even more aware of my SUP usage.

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