GrandmaC's one week collection

                As you can see, we have a good recycling system here where I live.  However when you think of the “carbon footprint”, the energy used to produce all this SUP, and then dispose of it by making something else from, it sure give you food for thought.  And I have read that a lot of it is shipped to China or elsewhere to be compacted and processed into something else.  Then it is sold back to us and elsewhere.  How much is this saving our use of energy?  Recycling sounds like a great idea, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.  However it sure beats just sending it all to the dump to just make a higher pile of stuff that never will go away.   Think positive, maybe your great grandchildren can build a nice house on top of it and get a nice view of more mounds of stuff.

                The third picture is all the stuff being carted off to the trash room.  Only the paper bag holds stuff that can be recycled!

                O.K., a lot of this pile isn’t really SUP.  It is MUP, multi use plastic that we are trashing this week.  The large tarp and garment bag has been used for many years, so I cheated.  However, we do need to think about how much plastic is used every day for the stuff we buy that can’t be recycled.  Think of all the tarps and shrink wrap that is used to cover boats and furniture to protect them from cold, snow and rain.

                How about thinking paper or cardboard at least when you buy those paper plates and cups for your summer picnics!  And have a great summer!

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