Samantha's SUP Challenge

Did you discover any SUP that surprised you?

-I was surprised to learn that plastic doesn’t biodegrade even after it breaks down the the environment. I was also surprised that we consume chemicals (such as BPA and phthalates) from the SUP. I didn't know plastic has petroleum which is a non-renewable fossil fuel. 

Do you think you use more or less SUP than the average person?

-I think I use less than the average person. 

What SUP do you use and rely on the most?

-Food and drink containers. Although I don’t buy makeup frequently, I noticed that there aren’t many makeup products that don’t use plastic as the makeup holder. 

What SUP would be the hardest to stop using?

-Probably food containers and cosmetics since some items aren’t made of materials other than plastic. 

How might you reduce your dependence on Single Use Plastic?

-I have started to reduce the use of plastic bags; I use all reusable containers when I pack my lunches now. Instead of buying milk and juice in plastic jugs, we buy them in cartons. Instead of bringing a SUP water bottle to school everyday, I fill up a reusable cup with tap water. We also picked up some reusable grocery bags. 

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Plastic doesn’t biodegrade even after it breaks down the the environment is surprising. Even more surprising is that Corn based "biodegradable" plastic only biodegrades when sent to a special processing center. So it can be a good thing for a commercial enterprise to use if they are in deed collecting it and sending it to the correct centers but for the rest of us it's not much different than regular SUP.
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