Fossil Fuel Age Sighting

California's subsidence show the Climate Crisis is today's issue.

If you have not heard about the subsidence issue in California this short video is a great overview. This is a perfect example of the fact that the climate crisis is not just something for our kids to worry about. Connecting the dots look like this:

  • Burning fossil fuels causes global weirding (a.k.a. climate crisis)  causes
  • drought results in
  • dry, hard, flood prone ground and devistation to farm lands which causes
  • farmers to dril for water which causes
  • subsidence (ground 10 feet in some cases) 
  • results in infrastructure issues (cracked roads, supporting structures etc.)
  • global weirding / el nino eventually cause massive rain storm which will result in
  • massive flash floods, mudslides, destruction and devastation of now lower and flood vulnerable farm lands. This results in
  • loss of life, livelyhoods, and huge $$ in cleanup, restoration expenses. (Upside...all costs go towards increasing gdp number)


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