Fossil Fuel Age Sighting

  • Picture of a direct mail piece from the Cartier. High gloss pictures, in a bounded book form and ready for the trash can. Terrible!

Direct Mail from the Cartier Jewelry

As you can see in the picture this is a book with a lot of very very nice Cartier jewelry, watches, and such. It is beautifully bound, has a hard cover and glossy pages that "pop". Alas it is also JUNK MAIL. Even more discouraging, it is junk mail being sent to the wrong audience. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice watch but I prefer doing my shopping for such items at unique eclectic estate sales and stores or I suppose for a watch I might look at something a bit sportier. Either way I am by no means a targeted customer for Cartier! This junk mail says to me, Cartier has no idea how to target their potential customers, obviously charges way too much for their jewelry because they have money to burn on this type of junk mail and worst of all think little about the environment!