Fossil Fuel Age Sighting

A Dirty Band Aid

This is the tower of toiletries, diapers, and cosmetics used as the backdrop at one of my school assemblies for a presentation by the United Way organization. They were asking for donations of more of these products to give to area families in need. I agree with the mission but i think it would be more permanent, cost effective, and eco-friendly to donate more reusable things like these: . They came asking for donations of these products, which would need to be supplied to families weekly/monthly. If they truly are dependent on the program to recieve such items then are we as people donating going to be their permanent supplier. If we are then all that plastic packaging will be being thrown out constantly. This is just a bandaid for these families problems and a crutch for them. It would benefit both groups and the enviornment to buy reusable products with less waste, but at the same time work on ways for those families to become less dependent on donations(which im sure United Way is doing).  

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