Inaugural Event – Boston Earth Day & Democracy BrewingEcoEnlighten the Fossil Fuel Man Event

Earth Day, April 22, 2023

The “EcoEnlighten the Fossil Fuel Man” Campaign

Launches in Boston MA

About The EcoEnlighten the Fossil Fuel Man Event

The Fossil Fuel Man represents all of us. No one is perfect, we all grew up living in the Fossil Fuel Age so, to one extent or another, our daily lives depend on fossil fuels. We can all do more to reduce our need for them. The goal of the event is for participants/educators to EcoEnlighten the Fossil Fuel Man, raise his spirits, and encourage him, along with all of us to learn more, take action, and become part of the solution.

Inaugural Day

The EcoEnlighten the Fossil Fuel Man Campaign was kicked off at Boston’s Earth Day Celebration held at the Charlestown Navy Yard, home of the USS Constitution. Immediately following the event the Fossil Fuel Man made his way to his official Inaugural Celebration appropriately held at Boston’s very own Democracy Brewing.

Boston’s Earth Day Celebration at Charlestown Navy Yard

In addition to being able to EcoEnlightend the Fossil Fuel Man, this year’s Boston Earth Day Celebration included educational speakers, a live Band, children’s activities, and a chance to have some fun as well as learn what national and local groups are doing to help protect the Earth for future generations. Educational programs were offered on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how pollution and the climate crisis is impacting our oceans. This year’s celebration was hosted by The Pier 5 Association and The Earth Day Network.  Other participants included The EcoEnlightened Charitable Organization, NOAA Fisheries, The Boston Museum of Science, the Boston Climate Action Network and many others. Learn more about Pier 5 here and the Earth Day Network here

Democracy Brewing

If you haven’t visited Democracy Brewing, do it. You will find amazing craft beer, an inviting and friendly atmosphere, and a brewery focused on giving back to the community. Learn more about Democracy Brewing here:

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EcoEnlightened Partners

We would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event possible! Please support them by learning who they are and what they have to offer. Just click on their name or logo listed below. Also when you visit them please let them know you apprecate their supporting this event! Heck, if you like what they are doing take the opportunity to write a quick yelp or google review for them. Most importantly what ever you do to help support them please let them know you appreciate their supporting this event.

EcoEnlightened Superheros
EcoEnlightened Founders


Initiatives performed by event attendees

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Focused on EcoBuildings and making sure the EcoEnlightened Age is fair for all.
Hessann is the Advocacy Director for The Boston Climate Action Network! BostonCAN is focused on the built environment as well as working to ensure the EcoEnlightened Age is a prosperous age for all people.
Swap Driving for Public Transportation
Eileen drives less and takes public transpertation. She also imagines the EcoEnlightened Age to have more connected communities.
Toby and the Gang Educate the Fossil Fuel Man.
Kids today know more than you think. Climate Change and what we need to do to dawn the EcoEnlightened Age are part of today's grade school curriculum.
A Quick Dance and Sage Advice - VOTE
Do a little dance, have some fun, and then vote for ideas like the green energy initiative!
Building Community and investing in Clean Tech
Michael Belley EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023
Dropped a car and added a bike
Aaron EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by explaining he moved to an area where he and his wife only need one car.
Keep it simple - Recycle and Turn off the lights!
Manny Villar EcoEnlightened the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by sticking to the basics - recycle and turn the lights off.
Encouraging EcoAction! Get other's to join in.
Kiki EcoEnlightens the Fossil Fuel Man at Democracy Brewing's Earth Day Happy Hour 4/22/2023 by talking about the importance of encouraging others to take action with you!