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Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competitions are custom designed for communities, schools, organizations, and businesses. Each competition receives a dedicated competition page that functions as an online competition tracking system. It gives an overview of the competition, award categories, prizes, judges, and a searchable list of Fossil Fuel Age Challenge entries. Competitions are highly customizable. They can be combined with existing events or focused on specific objectives such as; awareness building, education, community outreach, family involvement, environmental cleanup, carbon reduction, etc. All competitions are designed to be engaging, competitive, and fun. If you are interested in learning more about holding a Fossil Fuel Age Challenge Competition in your community, school, organization, or business please contact us.

trash to trendy gala

2023 Greater Newburyport Trash to Trendy Gala

Earthday (Saturday April 22) 7 pm – 11:30 pm, Blue Ocean Music Hall.

Fossil Fuel Man

Educate the Fossil Fuel Man Portsmouth Middle School

March 3 2023 the Portsmouth Middle School will help educate the Fossil Fuel Man. This is sure to be an entertaining, educational, and EcoEnlightened event! 

2023 National Farmers Union’s EcoEating Challenge

Post a Recipe | Host a Dinner | Meet, Eat, Learn, and Enjoy

John Bapst SEAC What’s SUP Challenge

Held in the summer of 2014 this What’s SUP Challenge asks individuals and families to collect their single use plastic, discover what they learn, and find creative ways to use less.

2023 EcoSite Competition

The mission of the EcoSite Competition is to encourage developers to build websites for EcoEnlightened organizations, organizations working to clean up and protect the environment, stop climate change, EcoEducate etc.