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Single use plastic tracking and reduction

Peter James

I had a number of interesting takeaways from my anaysis of my single use plastic usage.

This was a very quick assessment of my single use plastic usage for a week. As I looked at it and really thought about it I came to a few conclusions. First, I thought that in comparison to many others I probably did not have that much. This is no doubt because I do think about and try hard to reduce the amount of single use plastic I use. I also switched from soda cans to plastic bottles. So, while my single use plastic would actually be less if I was still using cans, the cans are actually worse for the environment. That said I need to get a soda stream which would eliminate the plastic bottles as well. The other big thing I noticed was the yogurt containers. I need to either buy larger containers of start making my own. I think I will do both.





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